5 Problems Only People From South Africa Will Understand


1. Taxis That Think They Always Have Right Of Way

Who cares if a woman and her baby are crossing the road? Or a small child? Don’t they know that overloaded taxis ALWAYS have right of way? How DARE they question otherwise?

If you’re not driving a taxi (or a police car for that matter), please follow the assigned rules of the road and don’t have a cellphone stuck to your head while driving at 190km/h, OK? Thanks.

2. How Americans Suck At Doing A South African Accent In Films

There’s nothing worse than hearing a bad attempt at an accent in a Hollywood blockbuster. Val Kilmer did it in The Saint, Leonardo Di Caprio did it in Blood Diamond, Matt Damon in Invictus, Thomas Jane in Stander, Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter… Not one of them got it right.

In all fairness, the South African accent isn’t exactly a sexy one and is quite difficult to do, so kudos to them for at least trying to get it right.

3. Getting Asked The Same Question Wherever You Travel (If You’re White)

“So… if you’re from Africa, why are you white?”

No matter what the destination, the poor, unsuspecting milk-skinned travellers invariably gets asked this on her travels to a foreign land. “I don’t know”, she replies with deep lines in her forehead, a look of concern on her painfully pale face.

“Personally, I blame my parents.”

4. Blue Bulls Supporters

You either hate them, or you are them.

The Blue Bulls to South African Rugby is quite a big deal, but there is a certain personality type that comes with the territory and not many people are huge fans of the supporters, since they can get a bit… aherm… emotional over a game.

If they win, you never forget it. If they lose, make sure you clear the area.

5. Reality TV Shows Are Torture

One can literally name the original reality TV Shows to come out of South Africa on one hand, and the ones that they copy aren’t really good either. Watching an “Idols” finale is like watching a high-school revue and almost everyone on “Survivor: South Africa” is some big shot with connections to the show and nobody is ever real or relatable.

There have been exceptions though. Back when reality TV just started out and the first Big Brother: South Africa aired, it was quite the big deal with hilarious types like Ferdinand Rabie with his naughty antics making the show completely legendary.