Planning A Vacation? Here’s 1 Trick To Do It Very Easily!

First-Crescent-Amazing-Vacation-House-in-South-Africa-4Planning a vacation can be a long and frustrating process involving dozens of open tabs and websites – comparing prices, checking different locations on maps and blogs, finding flights and reading about the attractions available in the target destination can take the fun out of any vacation.

That’s why we love TripAdvisor.

Whether you’d like to plan your own vacation, or simply copy other people’s vacations, TripAdvisor guarantees you get your perfect vacation while customizing it to your needs.

The site offers a well-designed, user friendly and yet detailed interface to plan any vacation. You can find the best hotels, cheapest flights and the hottest attractions for every city, no matter if it’s an island in Thailand or a small village in France.

For users who want it the easy way, the site offers an easy to navigate menu with every trip that was planned by other users. You can just look for someone else’s perfect vacation by filtering hundreds of trips that match your desired destination. There are many filters available to improve the user experience like budget, length of stay and composition (singles, couples or families). Another great feature is the automatic score the site gives every trip – the algorithm is confidential, but it seems to be doing an amazing job because the top trips are packed with incredible attractions and unique experiences.

Once you have your perfect vacation planned, TripAdvisor allows you to share your trip and get tips and comments from family and friends to maximize the vacation’s quality (and to show off a bit).

In addition, you can book any of the many hotels and flights offered by TripAdvisor that are powered by the biggest players in the market like and

Lastly, TripAdvisor gives users the option to export their vacation to several calendars like Google calendar or Outlook and even print the trip itinerary for your convenience.

To summarize, TripAdvisor can shorten the time it takes to plan a vacation from days to several clicks. The interface is super user friendly and has everything you need to plan the perfect vacation – maps, reviews, images and more, turning the (previously complex) planning stage into a fun and easy experience.