Think Healthy: What To Remember When You Set New Goals


Lots of folks enthusiastically and wholeheartedly set new goals or make new year’s resolutions only to give up or become disillusioned a few days, weeks or months afterwards. Some people find it hard to even set new goals, having trouble overcoming bad habits or negative thoughts. Setting goals, and actually achieving, them are two different things – the latter being especially hard to do. Here are a few tips to help you follow through on whatever goals you might want to set for yourself now or in the future:

1. You’re worth it

Lots of people harbor secret dreams and aspirations, but hold back from acting on them because they lack a feeling of self worth, thinking negative thoughts like, “that could never happen to ME.” If this sounds like you, then it’s time to change your thinking: why NOT you?! You have as much right and ability to be successful as anyone else. You must only muster up the courage and will to embark on realizing your new goal, whatever it might be. Do not question your ability or value. You can achieve whatever you aim for. You have what it takes.

2. Happiness engenders success

Do not delude yourself into thinking that they key to your inner peace and happiness is achieving a career, weight or other kind of goal. The day you achieve your goal will not be the first day of absolute happiness in your life. That day is today. Instead of falling into the common trap of imagining that achieving a particular goal will bring you fulfillment – find fulfillment now and set out on your goal-oriented mission with that power in hand. Success doesn’t bring happiness; happiness brings success. If you focus on the luck and abundance you ALREADY have today, that positive attitude will increase your chances of obtaining what you desire. Do not make the mistake of attaching unrealistic expectations to your goal.

3. Commit 100%

That small place in your mind of doubt, fear and indecision can mess up all of your best-laid plans. Whatever your goal, whether it be related to career change, health or love – don’t waste time and emotional energy second-guessing yourself, being tempted to jump ship, or being afraid. Once you’ve made a decision to change or achieve something – stick to it 100%, (unless you consciously and for the right reasons decide that it’s no longer what you want).

4. Failure is just a word

Imagine how you would behave if there was no such thing as failure – you could accomplish anything you desired. How would you act? What would devote yourself to doing? Take that feeling and thinking and apply it to the goals you have. It is a simple but powerful idea: there is no failure, only criticism. We are all growing and learning. What seems like a failure is actually an opportunity for gaining insight and trying again, better informed.

5. Where you are is the right place

You don’t need to be a millionaire, veteran in the workforce or Harvard-educated genius in order to achieve your goals. Many people hold back from starting out on the journey to success because they convince themselves that they don’t have the tools they need to succeed. That is simply fear talking. While the road to realizing a goal can be hard, that shouldn’t stop you from trying.