5 Habits of Skinny, Happy People

via zliving.com

via zliving.com

Have you ever stared in envy at your friend or coworker who, at age 40, is thin and sporty, with glowing skin and looking like a 21-year-old collegiate babe?

While your friend might have good genes to thank for her beauty and health, she most likely also has some beneficial habits when it comes to beauty and nutrition. Looking your best often takes hard work and vigilant focus when it comes to consistent eating, exercise and certain lifestyle.

Here are five habits of healthy, sexy people you would be smart to adopt ASAP:

1. They plan

Healthy people know in advance what they will be eating during the coming hours, days, and week. By planning ahead, they know where they can also cut corners, indulge, and then pay their debts in the calorie department. Going out to a restaurant this evening? Then perhaps a healthy person would cut back in indulgences the day before, or spend an extra 30 minutes at the gym – to make caloric room for a delicious, heavy meal.

2. They Come Prepared

Healthy, skinny, happy people will not allow themselves to get stuck in a food-option dilemma. Getting stuck in a place without healthy options will lead you to reach for unhealthy crap just to quell cravings and hunger. Healthy people always carry smart snacks wherever they go, and thus don’t fall prey to the bad choices that their heavier counterparts make. These usually include: unroasted nuts, protein powder, low-sugar fruit, and fresh-cut veggies.

3. They Count

While it might sound like a Draconian OCD cliché, counting calories and/or keeping a food journal is actually an effective practice to maintain healthy weight. Healthy, skinny people spend a few moments throughout the day keeping a conscious record of what they’ve consumed, thus battling the modern tendency toward “mindless eating” (cookies in front of the TV, anyone?). They track their progress with a smartphone app or just a simple pen and paper. Get smart; studies have proven that people who use a weight tracker tool lose more weight.

4. They Eat Less

Good morning! Smell the milk-free coffee! We could all probably reduce the amount of calories we eat in a day – especially those form unhealthy, processed sources (refined sugar, saturated fat, bad carbohydrates, etc). Skinny, healthy people eat less – it’s that simple. Modern life has distanced us from the natural, minimal diet the human creature is actually designed to exist on. Let’s go back to a primeval, natural, skinny place.

5. They Don’t Give a Damn

Lean, lithe, beautiful people know that you might judge their self-discipline, willpower and determination as “obsessive” or “extreme.” Guess what? They don’t care. When they look in the mirror they feel wonderful. Healthy people don’t care about what others say or think – they laugh all the way to the “size 0” section. Skinny, happy people also surround themselves with other healthy people that understand and support them and look fabulous walking into a club or swanky restaurant. And, at that club or restaurant, smart, healthy people might have a glass of wine or shot of vodka. They don’t sky dive into bottles of sugary cocktails, chips and salsa, margaritas and burritos.